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This is the international site SAHD idog.  

For those who wants good, stabile and balanced dogs.

Our achievements are stabile, happy, balanced and calm dogs for all of us.

In pursuit of good dogs, we use positive methods and strict policies and law on animal welfare. We work exclusively for a positive, friendly and inclusive dogenvironment, where everyone can be together, no matter dog, breed, training method etc etc.

We are now the biggest group of its kind in Scandinavia, and we are now expanding. Our goal is to be international leading in our segment.

We have different kind of activities, – Group for everybody who wants a good environment and get smiles instead of complains. We are including all who wants to train their dogs with us. All dog owners, clubs, associations etc.

We have branches/local groups in several places (26 so far) with regular gatherings and trainingsessions. We are now starting up branches/local groups in european countries.

If you, or someone you know, want to be a contact person for a city/country,

send a message to Anders Huezo Davidsen


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SAHD do also have:

Courses: we have courses for puppies, basic courses, advanced courses and courses for dogs with behavioral problems.

Behavioral counseling: We have a dog-help-service for those with bad-behavioral dogs.

Something else you need help for? Just contact us

Anders Huezo Davidsen

International trainer and instructor

Sandra Huezo Davidsen

phd. law - International manager