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This is the international site for SAHD.  
We are helping people to stabile and balanced dogs.
We can offer courses, mental tests and consultants.

SAHD offer to help you if you have some difficulties with your dog.

Check our travelplan here to see if we are nearbye.

If not, we can still help you. Travelexpences have to be payed in advance, in addition to the fee.

// Problem to get contact with the dog
// The dog does not come when you call for it
// Jump out against other dogs, humans and others
// Uncertainty / fear in certain situations
// Aggressive behavior towards humans / dogs
// Dogs who guard or tend to do it
// Dogs that can not walk in a proper manner
// Dogs that are stressed
// General behavior you are not satisfied with
// etc
how does this happen:
We always sit down with the owner (s) of the dog and get a good overview what is problematic for them.
Then we consider the dog and its progress.
We also evaluate the ability of the owner for problem solving and methodology.
Based on an overall assessment of dog and owner, we make an arrangement for the time available.
Dogs are helped to correct behavior through safe and secure methods, while helping the owner understand the situation and how they can master it.
1 day 400 euros
2 days 700 euros
If you want prices on another currency, contact us
If you wish to consult with us, please contact us on the formular under, or at our email address: